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WHB1 (CHP1)Boiler

WHB1 (CHP1) is a conventional water-tube waste heat boiler producing superheated steam at 43 barg and between 360 and 380 deg C, producing approximately 11 te/hr of steam when running on Turbine Exhaust Gas (TEG).

The boiler is equipped with two R&V model TTL/MG 12.5 in-duct register burners for supplementary firing. This is a design of burner routinely used by the boiler manufacturer (Aalborg) for this type of application. The R&V burner design is well tried and tested in this type of application and has a reference list of over 300 similar applications since 1976.

The ... WHB1 (CHP1)Boiler

GBP 40,000.00 - 0 103 days, 21h 1m
WHB2 (CHP2) Boiler

WHB2 (CHP2) is also a conventional Aalborg AX-4 water tube waste heat boiler producing superheated high pressure steam with a maximum rated output of 75 te/hr and an unfired output of approximately 14 te/hr.

WHB2 is similarly equipped with twin R & V in-duct register burners for supplementary firing. NOx levels from WHB2 are not an issue (due largely to the much lower NOx levels from GT2.

The much larger burner capacity (49 MW max heat input when supplementary firing, 60 MW on fresh air firing) means that the minimum firing capacity (4 MW on supplementary firing and 6 MW on ... WHB2 (CHP2) Boiler

GBP 60,000.00 - 0 103 days, 21h 1m
Turbomach - TBM-TV-M2B - Back Pressure Steam Turbine - 4500kW

Steam Turbine Generator

Manufacturer: Turbomach

Model: TBM-TV-M2B

Installed: 2005 With major overhaul in 2008

Description: Back pressure Steam Turbine

Electrical Output: 4500 kW

Steam Inlet Conditions: 52 barg Superheated Steam (380 degC 420 degC)

Steam Outlet Conditions: Turbomach - TBM-TV-M2B - Back Pressure Steam Turbine - 4500kW

GBP 320,000.00 - 0 103 days, 21h 1m
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